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2012 Mentoring Program

17 teams, 70 mentees, 32 mentors

In 2012, YPA organized mentoring for 17 teams around the world: US, Canada, England, Scotland, and Thailand. In all 70 college photography students received coaching from 32 professionals, photographers and photo editors, over the course of the summer. The theme this year was Hometown, which resulted in a deeply personal collection of photo essays.

The theme: Hometown

“Hometown” refers to the location where you grew up, the place to which you feel the most connected, or that becomes your principal residence over time.

Ideas around what a hometown can be are complex and layered. Bruce Springsteen’s song “My Hometown” – relates the story of the speaker’s memories of his father instilling pride in the family’s hometown. The song sounds like it will be a typically nostalgic look at the speaker’s childhood, but then goes on to describe the racial violence and economic depression that he witnessed living there. The song concludes with the speaker’s reluctant proclamation that he plans to move his own family out of the town.

Artist Norman Rockwell exemplifies the stereotypical ideal of the hometown. His paintings of local residents in Stockbridge, Massachusetts have become American icons. On the flip side, the photographer Diane Arbus documented the deviant and marginal people she met in New York. More recently the work of Vivian Maier – a street photographer working from the 1950s through the 1990s – was discovered at an auction in Chicago, where she resided much of her life. In her off hours from being a nanny, Meier would comb the streets of the city taking photographs. Her work includes over 100,000 negatives, prints, and countless undeveloped rolls of film that brilliantly document her adopted “hometown” of Chicago.

2012 Teams

Austin, TX, United States, led by Eli Reed & Lance Rosenfield
Sakin Hill
Spencer Selvidge University of Texas
Spencer Selvidge University of Texas
Madison Somerville University of Texas
Mariah Tyler University of North Texas
Chicago, IL, United States, led by Paul Audia & Brian Beaugureau
Rashayla Brown School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Shelby Fry Iowa State University
Brett Layne School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Courtney Penzato College of DuPage
Los Angeles, CA, United States, led by Ed Carreon & David Yamamoto
Anna Chang Glendale Community College
Brittany Del Soldato University of California Irvine
Jeremy Jackson Art Center College of Design
Carrie Jesenovec Santa Monica College
Grace Lee University of Southern California
Miami, FL, United States, led by Aaron Ansarov
Meghan Salom Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale
Scott Schmidt United States Marine Corps
Jon Wes/Bollback University of Central Florida
Amy Yeatts
New Orleans, LA, United States, led by Daymon Gardner & Jennifer Shaw
Zachary Breaux LSU
Nika Carter Southern University at New Orleans
Amanda Torres Southeastern Louisiana University
Donna Viering Art Institute of Austin
Annie Wentzell Memphis College of Art
New York, NY, United States, led by Liz Arenberg & Robert Hooman & Michael Weschler
Sivan Askayo ICP
Samantha Cohn SVA
Alexandra Diracles New York University
John Dunn Miami University
Aurelie Graillot
Eric Kruszewski
Erica Mandel SUNY Purchase
Caitie McCabe SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology
Portland, ME, United States, led by Peter Dennen & Shoshannah White
Tessa Jeffers University of Southern Maine
Stephanie Kaznocha
Jamie Mercurio
Portland, OR, United States, led by Joel Preston Smith
Jennifer Hardin The Art Institute of Portland
Jessica LeDuc-Sasaki
Teresa Meier Academy of Art University
San Francisco, CA, United States, led by Robert Houser & Richard Morgentstein
Isabel Gonzales Academy of Art University
Jordana Hall Corcoran College of Art & Design
Paula Morales Academy of Art University
Seattle, WA, United States, led by Stewart Tilger
Candace Doyal SCCA
Tessa Leachman University of Washington
Joana Stillwell University of Washington
Kat Wertzler University of Washington
Ottawa, Canada, led by Michael Tardioli & Patricia Vargas
Josh Hotz School of Photographic Art: Ottawa
Olivia Johnston School of Photographic Art: Ottawa
Michael Marquette School of Photographic Art: Ottawa
Jessie Park-Wheeler School of Photographic Art: Ottawa
Toronto, Canada, led by Erin Riley & Veronika Roux-Vlachova
Ian Bethune York University
Danya Ensing OCAD University
Laura Nowak OCAD University
Janice Power OCAD University
Jeff Rogers University of Toronto
Bangkok, Thailand, led by Dennie Cody & Duangkamon Khattiya
Sarun Deeruksa Bangkok University
Manochow Jintaworn Bangkok University
Ubonpayom Ongsara Rajabhat Suansunandha University
Isoon Prangsuwan Rajamangala University of Technology
Panupan Sansernsirikul Bangkok University
Bristol, United Kingdom, led by Daniel Bosworth & Debbie Ireland & Jasmine Teer
Hayley Brown
Lynsey Colyer
Simon Goldstein
Mark Salmon
George Scane
Glasgow, United Kingdom, led by Elaine Livingstone & Claire Stuart & Brian Sweeney
Shona Cameron
Sarah Amy Fishlock
Ashley Good
Alan Knox
Emily MacInnes
Gabriela Silveira
London (commercial), United Kingdom, led by Sophie Chapman-Andrews & Liz Helman
Joel Biddle
Emma Brown
Charley Murrell
Florence Nightclark
Helen Thompson
Gianandrea Traina
London (editorial), United Kingdom, led by Sophie Batterbury & Justin Sutcliffe
Souvid Datta
Alessandro Falco
Lucinda Grange
Camilla Greenwell
Elena Heatherwick
Iwona Karbowska

The UK teams are also listed on the YPA UK site.

YPA is grateful to New Orleans Photo Alliance for donating space for the New Orleans team meetings, to Newspace Center for donating space and facilities for the Portland, Oregon team meetings, and to the School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa for donating space for the Ottawa team meetings.

“This experience has taught me a lot and I am glad I was able to be a part of it. The skills I have learned through this program will be put into all the work I will do in the future.”

— Shelby Fry
(Chicago Team 2012)

Photo by Emma Brown (London, UK)

© Emma Brown (London, UK)

Photo by Zachary Breaux (New Orleans, LA)

© Zachary Breaux (New Orleans, LA)

“It was inspiring to have our mentors be so encouraging with the work we produced. They respected our different aesthetics while still pushing us to dig deeper into our subject matter. I learned more this summer than I normally do all year at school!”

— Tessa Jeffers
(Portland, Maine Team 2012)

Photo by Jamie Mercurio (Portland, ME)

© Jamie Mercurio (Portland, ME)