2013 Mentoring Program

Our largest program to date!

In 2013, YPA organized mentoring for 19 teams around the world: US, Canada, England, Scotland, and India. In all 72 college photography students received coaching from 36 professionals, photographers and photo editors, over the course of the summer.

Best of Program Awards

Best Team: Nashville, TN, USA

Best Image: Chase Guttman (Team New York 2, NY, USA)

Best Mentee (based on images and essay): Mei Ratz (Team Portland, OR, USA)

“With inspirational guidance, my mentors taught me the ropes of envisioning and executing a photography project from start to finish -- an experience that has definitely paid dividends many times over. The program helped me to uncover the creative fire within myself. With a cast of encouraging mentees and supportive mentors behind me, my photography has blossomed in a short span of time. The Young Photographers Alliance helped me rediscover my love for photography and has brought an incredible wealth of opportunities to my front door. For that, I am forever grateful.”

Chase Guttman, Team NY 2, USA, winner of award for best image

Sponsored prizes

UK Team Special Awards

Commended Project: Tania Gibson (Team London)

Highly Commended Project: Yang Zhou (Team London)

Best Image: Anna Piotrowska (Team Bristol)

Best Project: Claire Maxwell (Team Glasgow)

“It is funny how this program changed me as a photographer but also how much it influenced me as a person. Working on the escape project somehow helped to deal with what was waiting for me in the real life. It makes this program and my project even more personal and important for me. I guess sometimes we don't realize how much our photography may affect people - including ourselves. Thank you very much for the whole experience of the mentoring program.”

Anna Pitrowska, Team Bristol, UK, winner of UK award for best image

The 2013 theme: Escape

“I believe one has to escape oneself to discover oneself.”
  — Rabih Alameddine, I, The Divine: A Novel in First Chapters

Escape is the theme for this year’s annual mentoring program. The program provides encouragement and assistance to young photographers seeking to establish themselves as professionals in today’s market. This program allows students to communicate, document and offer inspiration to themselves and others through the power of photography. Talented college students and recent graduates will partner with leading photographers and industry professionals who participate as mentors to collaborate on a photo essay around a compelling social theme.

How does one capture the essence of the word Escape? By its very nature it cannot be grasped or tamed, confined or controlled. Escape is the flower that grows from the crack in the concrete. It is the choice between having a drink or taking a walk. Escape is freedom from reality, but it is also reality unrestrained. Escape is a paradox. Escape is inevitable.

Young Photographers Alliance invites the next generation of photographers to explore the theme Escape, and produce a series of images. Each photographer will be asked to write a 300 word photo essay around three of their most powerful images.

The theme can be explored from any vantage point; portraiture, photojournalism, landscape or architectural photography. Each participant is encouraged to find his or her own unique perspective and interpretation, to push the boundaries of how photography can shed light on a subject in new and innovative ways.

“It is in fact a part of the function of education to help us escape, not from our own time... for we are bound by that, but from the intellectual and emotional limitations of our time.” — TS Elliot

2013 Teams

Anchorage, AK, United States, led by Clark Mishler & Jeff Schultz
Deroy Brandt University of Alaska Anchorage
Xenia Vlieger University of Alaska Anchorage
Columbus, OH, United States, led by George Anderson & Tom Dubanowich
Kayla Holdgreve Columbus College of Art and Design
Dallas, TX, United States, led by Stewart Cohen & Claire McCormack Hogan
Katie Bernet Southern Methodist University
Sakin Hill Mountain View College, AA Fine Arts
Melissa Maddox Lamar University
Whitney Matewe Collin College
Kate Petty Southern Methodist University
Kansas City, MO, United States, led by Mark Berndt & Jonathan Chester
Hayden Andrews Webster University
Brandi Boehm University of Central Missouri
Alex Eckard Kansas City Art Institue
Taz Hall University of Central Missouri
Nichole Kennelly Ohio University
Mary Krim University of Kansas
Los Angeles, CA, United States, led by Andrew Durham & David Zentz
Kristi Knupp Santa Monica Community College
Jasmine Shademan Santa Monica College
Jennifer Lourie Tapp Brooks Institute of Photography
Minneapolis, MN, United States, led by Karl Herber & Lance Vicnair
Dave Bassey Minnesota State University, Mankato
Olga Ivanova University of St Thomas
Alexander Just Dakota County Technical Collage
Nashville, TN, United States, led by Chris Hollo & Mark Mosrie
Rachael Black Nashville State Community College
Mackenzie LaRoe Nashville State Community College
Arin Phillips Watkins College of Art, Film & Design
Alicia Piper NSCC
New Orleans, LA, United States, led by Thom Bennett & Seth Boochai
Courtney Kate Asztalos Florida State University/Contemporary Arts Center
Annie Pennell University of Redlands Alumni
Colin Roberson Louisiana State University
New York, NY (team 1), United States, led by Liz Arenberg & Michael Weschler
Christina Carannante College of Staten Island
Xiang-Yun Chen University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Stephanie Guttenplan School of Visual Arts
Erica Price CAP/ICP
Annelise Sforza Union County College
Yosuke Terada LaGuardia Community College
New York, NY (team 2), United States, led by Michelle Kawka & Pauline St. Denis
Anna Chana Demidova Hunter College//European Humanities University
Chase Guttman Bronx High School of Science
Jessica Kirkham Fashion Institute of Technology
Alex Pergament Alex Pergament Photography
Peter Senzamici Bates College
Orlando, FL, United States, led by Betsy Hansen
Sebastian Rojas Mid Florida Tech
Rhiannon Schneiderman Daytona State College
Priscilla Whittingham Mid Florida Tech
Portland, OR, United States, led by Tom Hassler & Leah Nash & Christopher Onstott
Nick Fochtman Freelance
Sofia Marcus-Myers Portland State University
Mei Ratz Pacific Northwest College of Art
Seattle, WA, United States, led by Brian Morris & Ari Sharipo
Bridget Baker Seattle University
Charles Cataldo Everett Community College
Sam McCarty Seattle Central Community College
Joshua Reber Everett Community College
Ottawa, Canada, led by Michael Tardioli
Sarah Anderson School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa
Treawna Harvey School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa
Alison Lacasse Concordia University
Frederic Sarrette School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa
Toronto, Canada, led by Michael Cooper & Dave Cox
Christa Giula Sheridan College
Jennifer Laiwint York University
Briar Murawski York University
Madeline Scheur Villa Maria College
Mumbai, India, led by Avinash K Jain & Ian Pereira
Sunny Chauhan Shari Academy (Photography Institute Mumbai-India)
Bristol, United Kingdom, led by Alex Acin & Daniel Bosworth
Nisha Haq Southampton Solent University
Anna Piotrowska Bath Spa university
Adam Reid
Glasgow, United Kingdom, led by Claire Stewart
Faye Brown Edinburgh College
Craig Gibson University of Colorado at Boulder
Kotryna Ula Kiliulyte Glasgow School of Art
Claire Maxwell Glasgow School of Art
Chantel Ng City of Glasgow College
James Parker Napier University
London, United Kingdom, led by Dan Black & Jasmine Teer
Kasia Ciechanowska School of Media, Art & Design, University of Westminster
Jim Clarke The Arts University College Bournemouth
Tania Gibson University of Cumbria
Amy Notley Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge
Daniel Regan London College of Communication
Yang Zhou University of Westminster

“I have become much more aware of what the photography industry is like. The exposure I got while taking part in this mentorship was invaluable. I now am more deliberate when I shoot and I know what to expect when trying to find subjects for my projects. I have learned how to see in a more advanced way.”

— Sofia Marcus-Myers
(Portland, OR Team 2013)

Photo by Nichole Kennelly (Kansas City, MO)

© Nichole Kennelly (Kansas City, MO)

Photo by Kate Petty (Dallas , TX)

© Kate Petty (Dallas , TX)

Photo by Alex Eckard (Kansas City, MO)

© Alex Eckard (Kansas, MO)

“I approach photography differently now because prior to this mentorship, I was scared to be the driving force behind the shoot. I’ve gained confidence in coming up with a concept, organizing shoot dates and models, and executing that plan. I’ve also had to learn about different lighting techniques, Photoshop skills and people skills on the fly. There is no better way to learn something than doing it.”

— Kristi Knupp
(Los Angeles Team 2013)

Photo by Rachael Black (Nashville, TN)

© Rachael Black (Nashville, TN)

Photo by Alicia Piper (Nashville, TN)

© Alicia Piper (Nashville, TN)

Photo by Anna Piotrowska (Bristol, UK)

© Anna Piotrowska (Bristol, UK)